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Using the Jō symbol:

First, perform a 'general' treatment (at least, cover: the head, upper back, spine, and
abdomen) then, when ready, draw the symbol over the liver area.

While drawing the symbol, repeat the jumon-phrase "O-hikari", twice.

Then place your hands - right hand on top of the left - over the liver area, and let
Reiki flow for as long as you feel appropriate.

Finally, treat the kidneys for a few minutes.

That's it!

So, in order to use the symbol, do you need to receive initiation/attunement for

Strange as it may seem, the majority of practitioners find that they do not actually
need to be 'attuned' to the symbol (at least not in any formal sense).

Simply working (as outlined above) with the symbol and - importantly – its jumon-
phrase, on a regular basis seems to build a deepening energetic affinity.
(The jumon-phrase seems to bring its own 'power' with it)

You might like to meditate on the Image/Sound.
As you would do with any of the more regular Reiki symbols, let Reiki flow and draw
the symbol in the palm of each hand. Visualize and feel it pulsate with the Light; and,
as you breathe out / intone the jumon-phrase into the symbol, visualize and feel the
Breath of Reiki intensifying the symbol's resonance.

You might also choose to seek your own creative ways of developing your personal
deepening bond with the symbol. : )

How to pronounce: "O-hikari":

As is the way with all mantras/jumon, correct pronunciation of "O-hikari"is very

Here are links to two sound files, giving the Japanese pronunciation:

御 "O” [ ]
光 "hikari" [ ]

* The actual shape of the Jō symbol may look somewhat familiar to practitioners of certain
popular modern-day forms of “Japanese” Reiki.
Instead of the familiar CKR, a few modern Japanese styles teach a symbol with a visual form
similar to that of the Jō symbol.
However, it must be stressed that it is solely the visual form of their symbol which shares
similarities with the Jō symbol.
Their symbol names, significance and function, etc. are quite different.

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