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--Savings Deposit

--Current Deposit

--Short Notice Deposit

--Time Deposit


--Rupali Deposit Pension Scheme

--Festival Deposit

--Call Deposit

Interest Rates

SL No. Types of Deposit Interest Rate per annum

1. Savings Deposit 4.50%

2. Short Notice Deposit 3.50%

3. Time Deposits

a) 3 months & above but less than 6

b) 6 months & above but less than 1 year
c) 1 year & above but less than 2 years
d) 2 years & above but less than 3 years


4. Deposit From foreign Remitance 6.00%

5. Rupali Bank Deposit Pension-Scheme 2 6.50%
* The rates of interest are changeable from time to time depending upon market competition.

4.10.2 Loans & advances:

General Products

 Cash credit(Hypothetical)

 Cash credit(Pledge)

 Overdraft (OD)

 Loan against FDR

 Loan against Deposit Schemes

 Industrial Project Loan (Long & Multi Term)

 Short Term Loan

 Syndicate Loan


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• As with all other channels of advertising infrastructure, CSR should get

comparable preference while assigning RBL’ communications budget. In fact,

partiality to CSR expenses should be greater because it has the ability to raise

the public consciousness with a fraction of publicity.

• RBL can afford to employ CSR employees, who should rely on them to put

together well written, influential and perform and plan CSR programmes and

press releases that are competent enough to catch public attention. This will also

work to minimize the information gap and ensure actual CSR expenditure


• RBL Should issue separate report of its CSR programs and activities including

quantitative disclosure of CSR expenditure in accordance with the Bangladesh

Bank Guidelines.

7.3 Conclusion:

In recent times, corporate social responsibility has emerged as an important concept in

discourses on development. By incorporating CSR as a strategic investment into their

fundamental business strategy, management instruments and operation, companies will

be able to contribute to social and environmental issues affecting the development of

mankind. CSR is not a cost, it is an investment. Therefore, by incorporating CSR,

businesses will be able to contribute to the society and at the same time minimize risk

due to uncertainty. In the context of Bangladesh, CSR can contribute immensely for the

development of the community. Though Rupali Bank Limited has taken initiatives to

perform CSR activities in accordance with Bangladesh Bank Guidelines in most of the

cases, but the bank should properly follow the Bangladesh Bank Guidelines.. As there

are challenges to implement CSR properly in our country because of limited resources,

RBL should prioritize those CSRs which will contribute to poverty reduction and will

supplement government’s effort towards achieving the millennium development goals.

By exhibiting suitable CSR programs, adopting proper green baking policy, employing

CSR employees, RBL can be able to achieve a long term goal of sustainable



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