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(Sub sidi ary of Ab sor mex S.A. de C.V.)
13604 North Unitec Drive, Laredo, TX 78045 USA
Tel: (956) 725-7366
Fax: (956) 725- 7523
URL: www.dis pos able dia

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 40%

Ex port Mar kets: South & Cen tral Amer ica, South -
east Asia, East ern Europe, West ern Af rica,
Can ada

Pro file: Ab sor mex USA, Inc. is U.S. sub sidi ary
of Ab sor mex S.A. de C.V. of Ciu dad
Mi tras, N.L, , Mex ico, which was
formed in 1982. Qual ity, through state-
of- the- art equip ment and pro cesses, has
al lowed Ab sor mex to grow through its
his tory. Ex pan sion of ca pac ity will con -
tinue for the fore see able fu ture. Its new
pa per mill and con vert ing equip ment
will en able the com pany to ship pa per

prod ucts with dia pers. Its new est prod -
uct lines in clude: ul tra cloth- like dia pers
and ba sic Plus dia pers. The com pany
has had its prod ucts cer ti fied with ISO
9001:2000. In April 2004, two dia pers
com peti tors (Tyco Health care Re tail and
Para gon Trade Brands, King of Prus sia,
PA), pro tested Ab sor mex’s alledged pat -
ent in fringe ment on baby dia pers and in -
con ti nence prod uct, fil ing their
complaint with the U.S. In ter na tional
Trade Com mis sion.

Prod ucts: Disposable diapers, Incontinence

Con tacts: Rodoifo Gordillo

208 Third Ave., As bury Park, NJ 07712 USA
Tel: (732) 775- 7575; 800-443-5649
Fax: (732) 502- 0899

To tal Sales Vol ume: $5 Mil lion
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 50%Ex port
Mar kets:

Pro file: This small, family- owned manu fac turer,
started in 1964, spe cial izes in health-
related and fit ness prod ucts (ho lis tic),
hav ing dis tin guished it self in the natu ral
vi ta mins and food sup ple ments area.
Pri vate la bel busi ness started more than
10 years ago. Its port fo lio in cludes 600+
prod ucts. The firm op er ates a na tional
mail or der busi ness, a clinic, and a clinic
and health retreat. Abunda Life pub -
lishes trade cata logues.

Prod ucts: Natural fruit sweeteners, Celtic salt, liquid
homeopathic remedies, herb formulas,
healing botanical teas, cold press vegetable
oils, vitamin formulas, enzyme formulas,
powder formulas, liquid energy elixirs,
weight loss, fibers, bowel tonics, thyroid
replacement, hormone replacement

Con tacts: Mark Abeel

162 2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion


Manu fac tur ers &
Sup pli ers Sec tion

Part III
List ings in clude stock sym bols for pub lic com pa nies (Ex change:

Com pany ID).

URL = Web site ad dress on Inter net (de fault is http://)

SKU = Stock Keep ing Units

E = Es ti mated

N/A = Not Avail able or Non-Applicable

HBC = Health & Beauty Care

GM = Gen eral Mer chan dise

Note: List ings are al pha beti cal. Retailer sec tion be fore
and In dex section that fol lows may not agree with these
page numbers since list ings change on an on go ing ba -

Page 2

7171 Goodlette Farms Pkw., Cor dova, TN 38018

Tel: (901) 381-3000; (800) 691- 1106
Fax: (901) 381-3185
URL: www.ach

To tal 2006-07 Sales Vol ume: $1 Bil lion+
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

Ex port Mar kets: Europe, South east Asia, Can -
ada, South Amer ica, Mex ico, Af rica,
Mid dle East

Pro file: For merly called AC Humko, ACH
Food Com pa nies is a di vi sion of As so ci -
ated Brit ish Foods plc, Lon don, one of
Eu ro pe’s larg est food com pa nies with
sales of $13.6 bil lion ( £ 69.8 bil lion) op -
er at ing in 44 coun tries and di ver si fied in
foods, in gre di ents, and re tail stores. The
com pany is traded on the Lon don Stock
Ex change (ABF). Web site: Its grocery di vi sion
(£2.6 bil lion) includes ACH Food Com -
pa nies, Inc., a ma jor sup plier of spe -
cialty food in gre di ents (herbs and
spices) and a lead ing store brand sup -
plier of cook ing oils, pan sprays, short -
en ings, non- dairy cream ers, and ol ive
oils in the United States. The disiv ion
op er ates six manu fac tur ing plants in the
U.S. Re cently, ACH along with Heart -
land Sweet en ers part nered with Meri -
sant, the maker of Equal brand
sweet ener, to pro vide gro cers with a sin -
gle source of pri vate la bel zero calo rie
sweet en ers: yel low for su cra lose, prink
for sac cha rin, and blue for as par tame.
Mean time, ACH’s par ent com pany, in
July 2005, pur chased Lit tle woods
Stores Hold ings, which operates 122
Lit tle wood out lets in the UK and Ire -
land. Plans called for keeping 40% of
their sell ing space and con vert ing the
out lets over to the Pri mark fas cia. There
are now 170 Pri mark stores (value
cloth ing and ac ces so ries) in the UK, the
Re pub lic of Ire land, and Spain. The
stores are own brand out lets, sell ing ap -
parel un der the Pri mark, At mos phere
and other store brands.

Lat est News: In Oc to ber 2008, ACH
Food Com pa nies joined with Archer
Dan iels Mid land Com pany (ADM), also
in the SOUR CE BOOK, to form a joint
ven ture, Stra tas Foods, LLC, for the
manu fac ture,. mar ket ing and dis tri bu -
tion of pack aged oil prod ucts in the U.S.
and Can ada. The new firm, based in
Mem phis, TN, will serve the food serv ice,
spe cialty food in gre di ent, and re tail pri -
vate la bel bot tled oil mar kets. Its prod uct
port fo lio will cover vege ta ble oil, short -
en ing, mar ga rine, and pan spray; while
also hand ing foods ervice brands, Whirl
and Fry max.

Prod ucts: Botttled cooking oils including vegetable,
canola, olive, sunflower, peanut, blends,
corn oils; non-dairy creamer, including
lite, fat-free, and flavored; pan sprays;
shortening; spices & seasonings, sugar

Con tacts: Brian Hoots, Director of Sales; Terry

Reagan, Director of Marketing

`Dlshraun 1, 220 Haf nar fjardur, ICELAND

Tel: +354 535 2300
Fax: +354 535 2301
URL: ta

To tal 2006 Sales Vol ume: $ 1.6 Bil lion (e 1.3 Bil lion)
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 50%+ (E)

Ex port Mar kets: Worldwide

Pro file: Ac ta vis Group was founded in 1956,
hav ing adopted its pres ent name in 2004.
In the last five years, this com pany has
grown from e 210 mil lion to e 1.3 bil -
lion in sales. Ac qui si tions have been a
key fac tor: In 2006, four key busi nesses
were added: Sin dan in Ro ma nia (on col -
ogy com pounds); Ab rika in the U.S.
(cont rolled re lease prod ucts); 51% in ter -
est in ZIO Zdorovje in Rus sia; and a
manu fac tur ing plant in In dia. Ac ta vis
op er ates 19 ge neric phar ma ceu ti cal
manu fac tur ing plants in 12 coun tries

2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion 163

Page 119

Tel: (314) 569- 3633
Fax: (314) 569- 5087
URL: www.tri

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A
Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: The re sult of a con soli da tion of North -
west ern Bot tle, Tex berry Con tainer,
Cali ber Pack ag ing, and W. Braun. Tri -
cor Braun is po si tioned as the larg est
and most di verse pack ag ing com pany of
its kind in North Amer ica, op er at ing 20
branch of fices in the U.S.

Prod ucts: Rigid packaging design,
distribution, and sourcing for the
personal care, food, beverage,
nutraceutical, general industrial,
household chemical, veterinary &
pet care, biotechnical and
automotive industries—plastic and
glass packaging jars, tuabes,
bottles, drums and vials;
closures, sprayers, dispensers.

Con tacts: Suzanne Fenton, Director of Marketing

(Di vi sion of Tri cor Braun/Kran son In dus tries)

603 In di ana Street, Be ni cia, Ca 94510, USA

Tel: (707) 747- 1055
Fax: (707) 747- 1064
URL: www.calib

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A
Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: This op era tion has been serv ing the U.S.
wine in dus try since 1982.

Prod ucts: Wine bottles and related

Con tacts: Pamela Blanchard, Vice-President

(Di vi sion of Kran son In dus tries)

4969 En ergy Way, Reno, NV 89502, USA

Tel: (702) 856- 2444
Fax: (702) 856- 1223

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: With a DMF on file and util iz ing Good
Manu fac tur ing Prac tices, Nev eeti manu -
fac tures soft, ab sorb ent, contaminate- free
coils to pro tect pack aged tab lets for the
food sup ple ment, health, and ethi cal phar -
ma ceu ti cal in dus tries.

Prod ucts:Rayon, cotton and polyester
coils—strong, resilient and
chemically perfect

Con tacts: Tom Iwasyszyn, General Manager

TBD de sign
(Di vi sion of Kran son In dus tries)

2330 West 205th Street, #200, Tor rance, CA 90501,

Tel: (310) 320- 4911
Fax: (310) 320- 2875
URL: www.tri

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: This full- service mar ket ing de sign firm
serves high- profile, multi- national cli ents,
pro duc ing cor po rate iden ti ties, mar ket ing
com mu ni cations, me dia, ad ver tis ing,
pack age de sign, and web page de sign.

Prod ucts:Marketing design services

Con tacts: Mike Dean, President)

(Di vi sion of Kran son In dus tries)

450 N. Lind bergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141, USA

Tel: (314) 569- 2212
Fax: (314) 569- 2536

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

280 2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion

Page 120

Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: This di vi sion de vel ops and im ports a
wide va ri ety of unique glass con tain ers
from top- quality sources in Europe and
the Pa cific Rim. Clin ton Pack ag ing
holds the li cense for many fa mil iar con -
sumer pack ages, pro vid ing a pro prie -
tary line of plas tic lar ge ware con tain ers
and car boys to the in dus trial chemi cal
mar ket as well

Prod ucts: Unique glass containers, plastic
largeware containers, carboys

Con tacts: David Kettler, President

Ever den berg 60, P.O. Box 299, 4900 AG Ooster -

Tel: +31.162.462404
Fax: +31.162.461835
E-Mail: dek [email protected]

To tal Sales Vol ume: $15 Million
Pe cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 75%

Ex port Mar kets: Bene lux, France, United
King dom, Ger many, Ja pan, It aly, United
States, Can ada

Pro file: Founded in 1820, De Kroes is fully spe -
cial ized in pri vate la bel. Its strength lies
in a high- quality stan dard of prod uct
and serv ice (HACCP cer ti fied) and con -
stant prod uct in no va tion. De Kroes
mainly spe cial izes in cre at ing new and
ex cit ing prod ucts, which can cre ate in -
cre mental sales. Re cently, the com pany
in tro duced cheese, ba con and pi zaza
crack ers; plus cheddar- filled wa fers.

Servicess: Snacks, crackers

Con tacts: Mr. J.M. Bouman, Sales Director; Mrs.

N.F. Fischer, Area Manager

1720 W. Detweil ler Drive, Peo ria, IL 61615 USA

Tel: (309) 692- 1530; (888) KWIKEE1
Fax: (309) 692- 6566
To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

Ex port Mar kets: N/A

Pro file: Kwikee Im age & Data Net work (KIDN), a
di vi sion of Multi- Ad Serv ices, Inc., calls it -
self the world’s larg est li b rary of prod uct
im ages and data for the con sumer pack -
aged goods and auto af ter mar ket in dus -
tries. KIDN de vel ops, man ages, and
dis trib utes na tional and store branded im -
ages and data for ad ver tis ing, on line, pro -
moti onal, and mer chan dis ing ap pli ca tions.
The com pany offers more than 65,000 im -
ages in a va ri ety of file for mats, in clud ing:
high- resolution, EPS im ages in four- color
and black & white; low- resolution,
TARGA im ages in four- color; and gif im -
ages in four- color. Lead ing manu fac tur ers
rely on KIDN not only for the de vel op -
ment and man age ment of its prod uct im -
ages, but for a dis tribu trion da ta base that
gets their im ages into the hands of the peo -
ple that need them. Re tail ers, whole sal ers,
me dia out lets, on line ven dors, ad agen cies,
news pa pers, sign and la bel com pa nies and
many oth ers re ceive Kwikee’s su pe rior
qual ity im ages free of charge. In 2002. The
par ent com pany, Multi- Ad Serv ices was
re named MultiAd- - an um brella iden tity to
re flect its cov er age of soft ware, prod uct
im ages, cus tom Inter net sites, printed
books, etc.

Prod ucts:CD-ROMs (Mac and PC-compatible),
Internet, printed reference books

Con tacts: Jeff Loman, National Accounts Manager

(e-mail: [email protected])

2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion 281

Page 237

241 Dun earn Road, Sin ga pore 589474 SIN GA PORE

Tel: +65 447-5112
Fax: +65 452-3575

To tal Sales Vol ume: $300 Mil lion+
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 12%

Ex port Mar kets: Europe, South east Asia, North
Amer ica, South Amer ica

Pro file: YHS rep re sents Yeo Hiap Seng, which
is rec og nized as a lead ing brand in the
Sin ga pore food and bev er age in dus try.
The com pany, op er at ing for nearly 100
years, has sur vived tur bu lent times. To -
day, YHS is internationally-
driven—com mit ted to meet ing the
needs of its cus tom ers by pro vid ing ef fi -
cient net work ing sys tems through all its
agency lines and cli ents.8- 810- 8731;
Fax: 818- 810- 8231).

Prod ucts: Asian (soya bean) beverages,
sauces, canned foods, snacks,
instant food

Con tacts: Mr. Billy Seah, Manager-International

(A Trad ing Com pany of McBride Lim ited.)
6, rue Mou lin Masureb- 7730, Es taim puis B- 7730 BEL GIUM

Tel: +32 56 48 21 11
Fax: +32 56 48 21 10

To tal Sales Vol ume: $250 Mil lion
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 95%

Ex port Mar kets: Europe, Af rica, Cen tral Europe

Pro file: Founded in 1968, Yplon, for merly part
of the T-16 Group (an in vest ment
group) has been re or gan ized un der the
Euro pean group, McBride Ltd., Lon -
don. Yplon works in Bel gium and
France; its sis ter trad ing com pa nies,
Rob ert McBride Ltd.. works in the
United King dom and Gen eral De ter -
gents S.P.A.,in Mi lan, It aly. The firm

spe cial izes in own brand sales in France,
Bel gium, Hol land, Spain and Ger many.
Ef forts are un der way to ex pand ex clu sive
brands busi ness in many other coun tries,
such as Po land, the Czech Re pub lic, Hun -
gary, Rus sia, etc. Yplon op er ates six pro -
duc tion sites. McBride over all is po si tioned
as Eu ro pe’s lead ing pri vate label manu -
fac turer of house hold clean ing and per -
sonal care prod ucts.

Prod ucts:Personal care products
(bath/shower products, shampoos,
eau de cologne, deodorants, shaving,
hair sprays, etc.) household
products (washing up liquids, toilet
cleaners, bleach, floor or window
cleaners, air fresheners, etc.), and
washing products (powders, fabric
conditioners, liquid wash, etc.).

Con tacts: Francis Lietaert, Sales Director; P.

Deconinck, Export Manager.

70 Con nie Cres cent, Con cord, On tario L4K 1L6

Tel: (905) 738- 0103; (800) 667- 0192
Fax: (905) 738- 6986

To tal Sales Vol ume: $18 Mil lion
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 95%

Ex port Mar kets: United States, Europe, Asia

Pro file: Started in 1982, roast ing and fla vor ing
gour met cof fees, Fla vor Cof fee more re -
cently has changed its name to Za vida
Cof fee Com pany. It claims to be the first
ma jor roaster to sup ply fla vored gour met
cof fee in North Amer ica. To day, it sup plies
85% of the spe cialty/gour met stores in
Can ada. Fla vor Cof fee also sup plies most
ma jor in ter na tional brand manu fac tur ers
with gourmet- flavored cof fee un der their
la bels. A com plete range of fla vored and
regu lar gour met cof fees is avail able. The
com pany sup plies and serv ices su per mar -
ket chains, drug-store chains plus shows a
strong growth in mass mer chant and

398 2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion


Page 238

ware house club seg ments across North
Amer ica. Re cently, the com pany in tro -
duced gour met liq uid fla vors (a con cen -
trated liq uid form of cof fee), avail able in
a 300 ml size and for food- service, 150
ml. Size.

Prod ucts: Gourmet flavored and regular
coffee (non-flavored bulk and
retail) plus seasonal gift pack
items, gourmet liquid flavors,

Con tacts: Charles Litterst, President; Roger K.

Steele, Vice-President Sales.

20- 01 Broad way, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA

Tel: (201) 797- 1400
Fax: (201) 797- 0148

To tal Sales Vol ume: $50 Mil lion
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 20%

Ex port Mar kets: South Amer ica, Asia

Pro file: A. Zere ga’s Sons is a privately- held dry
pasta manu fac turer that was founded
in 1848. The com pany spe cial izes in the
cus tom manu fac tur ing of spe cialty
pasta prod ucts for the food in dus try.
More than 500 pasta shapes are avail -
able, plus unique shapes and for mu las
made for spe cific ap pli ca tions. Its pack -
ag ing sup port in cludes car tons, bags
and club packs.

Prod ucts: Pasta, macaroni, egg noodles.

Con tacts: Rob ert A. Vermy len, Vice- President

Via Fersina, 4, 38100 Trento, IT ALY

Tel: +39 461 30 37 00
Fax: +39 461 30 37 90

To tal Sales Vol ume: $200 Mil lion
Per cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: N/A

Ex port Mar kets: Europe, Af rica, South Amer ica,
North Amer ica, South east Asia, Aus tra lia

Pro file: Zobele In dus trie Chimi che Spa, was
started in 1919 by En rico Zobele, who
pro duced fly rib bons. The busi ness de vel -
oped into household in sec ti cides, later
mos quito coils be came the sec ond ma jor
in sec ti cide prod uct for the com pany. To -
day, Zobele is the sole Euro pean sup plier
of such coils. The firm’s 15,000- square me -
ters fac tory is highly auto mated with
much of its equip ment and ma chin ery
fab ri cated by its own en gi neer ing staff.

Prod ucts:Household insecticides, air
fresheners, home care products,

Con tacts: Dr. Enrico Zobele; ing. Davide Gaspari.

2339 Har ris Ave nue, Cin cin nati, OH 45212 USA

Tel: (513) 531- 3600
Fax: (513) 531- 0072
URL: www.zum

To tal Sales Vol ume: N/A
Pe cent age of Sales in Ex clu sive Brands: 35%

Ex port Mar kets: Mex ico, Can ada, UK

Pro file: Privately- owned Zum biel Pack ag ing has
been a lead ing de signer and manu fac turer
in the pack ag ing in dus try since 1843. The
com pany holds a unique po si tion in the
fold ing car ton in dus try as it is one of the
very few world- class com pa nies ca pa ble of
pro duc ing fold ing car tons by the off set, ro -
to gra vure, and flexo graphic (nar row and
wide- web print ing pro cesses).

Prod ucts:Folding cartons, beverage carriers,
blister cards, microflute cartons,
set-up boxes

Con tacts: Tom Zum biel (Fold ing Car tons), Char les

Mace (Bev er age Car ri ers), Wade Bowman,
Sales Director

2009 EB SOUR CE BOOK Manu fac tur ers/Sup pli ers Sec tion 399

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