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The Secret Ritual of the 330 and Last Degree
Sovereign Grand Inspector General

of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

This book includestwo versionsof the ceremonialof the highestdegreein
the Ancient andAcceptedScottishRite of Freemasonry.Thefirst is anAmerican
ritual dated circa 1827 and is herepublishedfor the first time. The secondis a
translationof an 1860 Frenchritual. Both rituals are in manuscrirulform and
presentlyownedby a privatecollectorwho wishesto remainanonymous.

It is noted emphaticallythat neitherof theserituals is used by either
legitimateSupremeCouncil330 in the UnitedStates,nor by the SupremeCouncil
33“for Englandand Wales. Whetherremnantsof theseworkingsfind inclusion
in the rituals ofotherSupremeCouncilswecannotsay.

America, circa 1827

Thec.1827ceremonialis written in a fine handon a single sheetof paper
measuring8x13 inches which has severalsmall water stainsthoughthe text is
unaffected. Somewords are hyphenatedat the end of a line, thoughnot at the
syllables. Thesemarks,as well as the original spelling and punctuation,have

The inclusionof a small portion of anotherdegree(320 ?)on the top of the
pagesuggeststhat the ceremonywasthe last item in a setof rituals. On theback
of the sheetappeartwo brief noteswhich are alsoreproduced.1

Theritual, if it can indeedbe called that,appearsso fragmentarythat it is
difficult to ascertainwhether it representsa synopsisor a complete working.
Fortunately the note on the back refering to M[oses] Holbrook suggeststhe
“regularity’’ of the ceremonysincehe was SovereignGrandCommanderof the
SupremeCouncil 330, 5•~ M:.J:., from 1826~1844.2 Thenote also mentions
October31, 1827, the date the Northernand SouthernJurisdictionsagreedupon
territorial bounderies.

1 TheFrenchmessageis alongthefollowing line — “The secrecyof the mysteriesbeingan indispensible
obligation,theThricePuissantGrandMastershall,beforeclosingLodge,recommendthatto the Brethrenin the
2 In thenote“S.C.” may beeither“SovereignCommander”or “South Carolina.”

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The GrandCommanderclosesthe door and relays the response to the
SovereigngrandCommander,who givesthe sign that he may be admittedif he

The Illustrious Masterof Ceremoniesintroducesthe aspirant, who is dressed
in black, and without hat, shoes, sword or apron,and who has his head
bowed, arms crossedover his breastwith the fingersextendedand a ribbon
abouthis neck which is held in the left handof the Master of Ceremoniesanda
torch in his right.

In this condition he thrice circumambulatesthe SupremeCouncil and upon
passingthe SovereignGrandCommanderhe bows in humble venerationbefore
the sacreddelta in the East.

TheSovereignGrandCommandersays:Let us humbly worship with the most
profound reverenceandpiety the Source,that Glorious Spirit which is the Most
Merciful and BeneficentRuler of the Universeand all creaturesit contains.
Glory to His Holy Name,now and forever.

This prayeris given after the first round. At the secondthe Sovereign Grand
Commandersays: How wonderful and impressiveare the rays of that Glorious
Light which illuminate from on high theEastern sky, we adore the Greatand
Almighty Jehovahwho is from all Eternity. Glory be to this Great andPowerful

After the third and last round the SovereignGrandCommandersays:
HonorableKnight andPrinceA.B., impressedwith the ceremonyin which you
are to be the principal actoras you take an obligation which amongall othersis
the most serious and important to which a man can subscribeand feeling
conscious of the the terrible penaltieswhich the Eternal inflicts uponall who
violate the obligationyou are aboutto assume,andas temptationfrequentlyarise
which may test your resignationanddetermination, it is necessarythatwe have
someproof of your courageand fortitude.It is necessary,respectableBrother,
for you to approachthis urn and washyour hands in the moltenleadyou see
therein; that the stainsof vice and immorality with which your handshavebeen
soiled will be purgedfrom the heavenlyrecord. We have all passedthrough
the sametrial andhaveescapedthe threateningdanger. Placeyour trust in God
and resolutely determineto fulfill your obligation. The lead, thoughmolten,
will loose its heatwhenyou insertyour handinto it, andwill recedefrom your
touch. My Brethren, attend the mystic ceremony. (All advanceto see it
performed.) The urn should be an iron basinunder which is a chafingdish
containingpieceof charcoalwhich must not be lighted until the moment the


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candidateentersthe SupremeCouncil, andplacedon the bottom in a manner
that he passes behind it as he turns. On it is thrown incensecomposedof
amber, olibanum and resin, threepartsof each,and two partsof storax,one
parteachof labdamon and benzoin mixed in a gross powder which yields an

The urn shouldbe half filled with quicksilverwhich has the appearanceof lead
but is notnecessarilyheated.

(Note: This trial, though more ancient than the degree, is not worthy of the
Brethrenwhopermit it, or of the valiant Brother who willingly submits since
he has beentruthfully informedon receiving the degreeofRoyal Secretthat he
hasreceived the completionofMasonicTemplarism. —Jean-BaptisteRagon.)

After dippinghis handin it, the candidate is conducted to the altar, before
which he kneelsandassumeshis obligation which the incenseburns. All the
membersalso kneel and bow their headsin humble adoration and all have
their right hands over theirhearts. The candidate,with his right handoverhis
heart, repeats the following obligation:

I, , Knight Kadosh,andPrinceof the Royal Secret, solemnly
pledgemy sacredword of honor, swear sincerely and promiseon
the Holy Word of the Eternal, who is very merciful, sovereign,
powerful and the SupremeArchitect of Heavenand Earth, in the
presenceof whom, as well as the SupremeCouncil of the 33d
Degree here assembled,that I will never directly or indirectly
reveal the secrets andmysteriesof the sublimedegreewhich I am
aboutto receive, nor any of thosewhich I havereceived,exceptto
an equal SovereignGrand InspectorGeneral who has likewise
lawfully receivedit.

I furthermoreswearto strictly and scrupulouslyfollow the statutes,
constitutionsandregulationsof this Degreeandto fulfill the duties
of Grand Inspector General diligently, faithfully and without
partiality, favoritism or prejudiceand that I will never receive
nor recognizeany higher degreein Masonry than this; that I will
worship the Only True and Living God in the mannerand form
that I believeaccordingto my consciencewill pleaseHim the most,
and that I will govern my conduct according to His Divine
commands;that I will yield allegianceand fealty to the country in
which I resideandwill be obedientto all the orders and laws of
the government; that I will to the utmostof my ability inculcate
by word and deedour duty to God and neighbor; as I am


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