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                            Five things your SOUL wants you to know
Exodus Chapter 16
	Five things your SOUL wants you to know
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Sefer Tikunim - תיקונים ספר .
The Holy Book of Corrections - תיקונים ספר

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תיקונים ספר was written to provide a practical guide of spiritual knowledge in this
physical world

Written for every individual, to guide and help one make the corrections to the way one

In order to elevate ones soul and change ones pathway, to live a fulfilling and
purposeful life .

The Principles of Sefer Tikunim - תיקונים ספר , are that we have created an imperfect
situation in our lives, through our actions, speech and thoughts . Either we have caused

irreversable situations that have implications or have laid foundations in our lives
based on deceit, lies and dishonesty .

The Sefer Tikunim - תיקונים ספר deals with these situations and finds solutions to every
situation in this world, as the fundamental spiritual law is that every problem has a

solution . The focus of Sefer Tikunim - תיקונים ספר , is to cleanse and perfect the
physical situation and its corresponding affect on our souls . Conversely, it teaches us
methods to cleanse our soul, our inner thoughts which will, in turn have a profound

effect on our physical life in this world .

Sefer Tikunim - תיקונים ספר , was written for everyone in this life, as ones purpose, aim
and focus is to rectify the mistakes we have made either in this life or previous lives, in
order to raise our level of spiritual awareness of GOD and the spirit world, bringing the

idealistic and spiritual age of time when everyone in this physical world will be in
harmony with all the souls in the eternal spiritual world יתברך ה עזרת .

The Introduction of Sefer Tikunim
Quotes a verse from Kohelles chapter 1 verse 15

למהלּמונות יוַככל לא, ומחחסמרון; ללתמקן יוַככל לא, ממעעוות

"That which is crooked cannot be corrected ....................." except by ....

The emphasis of the "Sefer Tikunim" , "Book of Corrections" . Is to try and understand
life, specifically if one has made a mistake . Understanding life and situations that have

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been created by ones mistakes on a spiritual level, will help one to find the cause and
spiritual answer one needs to make the necessary corrections.

This book gives hope to people, as in life the rule is "that problems have solutions".
The verse above from the book of "Kohelles" Ecclesiastes is explained to specific

instances where once an action has been taken it cannot be corrected, like murder or
slandering / telling lies about someone, that ruins lives, however even so by praying

spiritually the damage can be undone eternally !

GOD - יתברך ה , made this world in such a way each and every individual soul has the
potential to correct the mistakes one has made, this is one of the purposes of life.
Correcting ones attitude and soul is completely different to seeing a doctor for an

illness, the "Sefer Tikunim" helps the individiual identify that every problem has a
foundation spiritually, and the answer to every problem, is to heal and correct the

mistake within ones soul spiritually .

The First Step to Correcting Ones Life
The first step to correcting a situation to be acknowledge and believe in an eternal

afterlife of spiritual souls, the essence of "Soul & Belief in a Soul" and the fundamental
belief in the fact that everyone has two "Guardian Angels" .

According to Sefer Tikunim - the Book of Corrections the only first step one needs to
take is to light 2 candles for ones Guardian Angels, and ask in any language that one

understands for help and guidance in ones life to find ones true destined pathway, ones
true soulmate and ones true destined place where one should live and ones true

destined purpose in life.

The Second Step to Correcting Ones Life
All mistakes we have made in this physical life have occured due to our own mistakes
and being misled by deceipt and lies. Only bad things happen by lies. However if one

is 100% truthful, then only good things happen in ones life.

So to make corrections in ones life and within ones soul one needs to correct the deceit
and lies by reading, learning or saying something truthful.

Sefer Tikunim recommends that one should read the truthful words of the Torah -
Bible; as the Torah - Bible is called אמת תורת Toras Emes - "The truthful teachings";
Even if one doesn't understand the words, simply by reading out aloud the truthful

words of the Bible then ones soul will be reconnected to GOD and the eternal DIVINE
truthful world of spirit souls.

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everything that happens, happens for a good reason makes a person accept any temporary

Constipation - a sign that one is holding
onto negative emotions and causing a

temporary blockage
Another major reason and a sign for a temporary phase of depression is often caused by a person
eating something that has not agreed with ones digestive system. Constipation is a physical sign
of a blockage, a person whom is holding onto poisonous faeces in ones body is similarly holding
onto negative emotions.

As we suggest from the Rambam on our page of "Health and Diet"- a person should regularly
flush ones system out completely ONLY using natures best natural laxative PRUNE JUICE.
Certainly if one is ever constipated one must release the blockage with Prune Juice, after one has
be relieved ones mood of temporary depression will dissappear.

Similarly with every minor health problem, a persons soul is trying to give the message of "stop
and think" by causing a physical blockage preventing a person from carrying on with the life
pathway they are on. Flu, headaches and "colds" are not to be ignored as important signs that one
should take notice of and try to understand the message from these minor illnesses. Time will heal
these blockages but these "rest" times are given to a person to reflect honestly upon their life

(c) Something you wanted and planned,
and exerted a lot of energy has failed.

This is a blockage of the greatest magnitude ! This has happened for a reason so do not despair !
Even though such an experience is a big test of faith and a test of strength of ones character and
soul, that very often creates such a block that can take a few years to analyse and "unblock",
Nontheless this has happend for a reason and one has the potential to unblock this blockage after
careful and honest analysis.

This type of "experience" could be anything from a failed marriage which has ended in divorce, a
failed business venture or an accident that has affected ones physical and even mental health
leading to a "depressive state of mind".

This "experience" of life is a test for a persons soul, it is incumbent for a person to reflect honestly
to themselves, why this experience has happend. It maybe that the person has indeed married the
wrong person and in a final recognition of this truth has had the trauma and "relief" of a divorce.
Often people who divorce in our generation make the mistake of jumping into the next
relationship or cutting themselves off completely and never wishing to marry again.

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Most divorced people become very "bitter", harbouring negative thoughts of hatred, depression
and sadness, which then leads to a semi-permanent state of depression and a blockage of life and
loving energy. They treat life and people with contempt hate and disdain, and continue the
"depressed" attitude by abusing themselves and other people. Very often they abuse those good
people who are trying to help them, and in so doing alienate themselves even further, from all the
good people who have a spiritual life and loving energy.

If the "failure" has happend, it must always be considered a blessing from GOD, one must always
take the good attitude that ones life has been blessed and guided to the extent that as soon as one
has made a "wrong" life pathway decision, ones "guardian angels" by DIVINE intervention have
created blocks to withold success.

With the acceptance that the reason for the blockage in ones life is because one is on the wrong
pathway and has tried and maybe even suceeded in taking something that is "Not Yours", the
spiritual accoutability of ones soul needs to rectify the balance and ones soul needs to let go of
and return whatever one has taken from someone else.

As soon as a person take this good attitude and says to oneself "Thank GOD i have been saved
from making a wrong decision of trying to take something that is not my destiny !" Then
automatically ones soul has acknowledged the truth and in now searching to put one back on the
correct destined pathway. The blockages are removed and depression dissappears.

2. Understanding why the "depression" has
caused blockages of "lifes energy", vitality
and a feeling of love and being loved, and

how to rectify these blockages.
In fact and in reality this statement should be the opposite way, blockages of "lifes energy" vitality
and feelings of love and being loved cause "Depression". But as explained in paragraph (c) above,
the person who has a block of lifes happiness and loving energy becomes depressed. They then
continue to make themselves even more depressed by acting, talking and thinking hateful
destructive and evil thoughts. Like being in a dark tunnel with no end and no purpose !

By continuing to propagate and feed ones depressed mind and thoughts with even more negative
hateful and destructive thoughts, ones mind becomes so full of "trash" that now one needs extra
help to suppress negative emotions such as using medications, alcohol, cigarettes and even drugs,
or one simply chooses to avoid confronting the root cause of depression by either blaming others,

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