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For the teachers and students

Sogang Korean 4A is for intermediate Korean language students. This textbook covers practical Korean language use in

everyday contexts to help student<; improve their language abilities. Each unit is divided into sections for ' listening and

speaking', 'speaking' and ·reading and speaking' and designed to teach communicative functions in various contexts.

The section topics are structured around the four basic skills : listening, speaking, reading and writing. They are designed

to present grammar, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation and culture in context.

Each of the eight units is presented in seven sections.

1. Listening aml Speaking 1 introduces everyday situations through listen ing dialogues. Students practice their listening

and conversation skills through speaking activities based on these situations.

2. Speaking I begins with a role-play. These role-play situations are broken down in order to look at discrete points of

grammar which are usefu l in role-play situations. Grammar is then reinforced through further activities .

3. Reading and Speaking 1 presents a reading activity designed to promote communication. Through this combination,

multiple skills are nurtured and strengthened.

4. Listening and Speaking 2 presents more interesting dialogues in order to further practice listening and speaking skills.

S. Speaking 2 focuses on improving fluency. This promotes confidence through relaxed and open interaction among


6. Reading and Speaking 2 presents longer readings to reinforce reading skills and to give students the opportunity to

express their own thoughts on the topic.

7. Checklist provides students an opportunity to evaluate themselves on the vocabulary and expressions presented in the


Class work on various topics gives students the opportunity to arrange their thoughts and ideas. Writing tasks are based

on their thoughts and ideas and are completed either during class time, or for homework.

The appendix contains the listening transcripts as well as answers for true/false questions.

The CD contains 16 listening exercises, eight activities based on various aspects of clear pronunciation, eight dialogues

from the speaking section of each unit, audio of the seven readings and a song from a well known Korean singer, Kim

Kwang-Seok .

The Sogang Korean 4A grammar and vocabulary supplemental guide contains explanations of key grammar points,

supplemental grammar points, a list of expressions from the textbook and, finally, a vocabulary index.

The Workbook gives students opportunities for additional practice outside of the classroom in order to strengthen their

knowledge and skills with vocabulary and grammar.

Page 80

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·C) 201<1 J.~7Jt:W~l.i:i1. "thi'!.~-%1
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ISBN 89-957826- 2- 5
ISBN 89-957826-1-7<MI§ >

~ 21,000f!! CD4A, @'41·90t ~i ~l!t

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