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Table of Contents
Intellectual Property
Organization of the Operation Manuals
1.Notation Conventions
2.Operation Manuals
1.Intended Use and Specifications
	1.1Intended Use
2.System Configuration
	2.1Standard Configuration
	2.2List of Optional Devices
	2.3List of Available Transducers
3.System Overview
	3.1Name of Each Part
	3.2Main Panel
	3.3Side Panel
	3.4Rear Panel
	3.5Power Panel
4.Preparation for Examination
	4.1Moving the System
	4.2Connecting the Transducer
5.Connecting the Power Cable and Protective Earth
6.Power ON/OFF
	6.1Power ON
	6.2Power OFF
	6.3Preparation for Use During an Operation or for Emergency Cases
		6.3.1Preparation of a backup system
		6.3.2Power OFF/ON in the case of system failure
7.Checks Before and After Use
	7.1Checks Before Turning ON the Power
	7.2Checks After Turning ON the Power
8.Basic Screen and Menu
	8.1Display of Various Data Items
	8.2Display and Operation of the Menu
9.Entering the Patient ID
	9.1Entering and Saving Data on the Patient ID Registration Screen
	9.2Sorting and Calling a Patient ID
	9.3Deleting Saved Patient IDs
10.Selecting Presets
	10.2Procedure for Selecting Presets
11.Display and Operation in Each Mode
	11.1B Mode
	11.2M Mode
12.Cine Function
	12.2Cine Playback
13.Display of Reference Signals
	13.1Display Procedures
	13.2Adjustment of Reference Signals
14.Body Mark Entry and Deletion
	14.1Display of a Body Mark
	14.2Selection of a Body Mark
	14.3Movement of the Transducer Mark
	14.4Movement of the Body Mark
	14.5Deletion of the Body Mark
15.Entry and Deletion of Comments
	15.1Entry from the Keyboard
	15.2Entry of Registered Comments
	15.3Entry of the Arrow Mark
	15.4Entry of Gender Symbols (, )
	15.5Moving the Selected Comment
	15.6Correcting the Comments
	15.7Deletion of the Selected Comment
	15.8Deletion of All Comments
	15.9Initial Cursor Display Position Setting
16.Needle Mark Display
	16.1Display Method
	16.2Adjustment of the Needle Mark Angle
	16.3Display/Hiding of Biopsy Range Marks
	16.4Selection of the Biopsy Guide Size
	16.5Selection of the Biopsy Adaptor
	17.1Basic Operation
	17.2B-mode Measurements
	17.3M-mode Measurements
18.Output/Saving of Image Data
	18.1Data Archive to a CD-R
	18.2Data Archive to the DICOM Server
	18.3Loading the Archived Data
19.Other Function
	19.1Beep Tone Adjustment
	19.2Adjustment of the Panel Backlight
20.Using MI/TI
	20.1Basic Knowledge of MI/TI
	20.2MI/TI Display Description
	20.3Parameters Affecting the MI/TI Values
	20.4Operating Procedures for MI/TI
	20.5References for MI/TI
21.Maintenance Check
	21.1Maintenance Checks to Be Carried Out by Customers
		21.1.1Cleaning the system
		21.1.2Creating a backup copy of the system hard disk
	21.2Maintenance Checks to Be Carried Out by Service Personnel
	21.3Consumable Parts and Parts Requiring Periodic Replacement
22.Checks Before the System IsJudged Defective
23.Accuracy of Measurement
24.Conformance Standards
25.Safety Classification
26.Guidance and Manufacturer's Declaration
27.Indication of Year of Manufacture

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