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TitleStructural Geology Lab Manual
TagsCompass Line (Geometry) Cartesian Coordinate System Angle Structural Geology
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Table of Contents
                            LABORATORY 1: Attitude Measurements, True and Apparent Dips, and Three-Point Problems
	Reference system
	Attitude of Planes
	Attitude of Lines
	The Pocket Transit
	Magnetic Declination
	Measurement of Planar Attitudes with the Pocket Transit
	Measurement of Linear Attitudes with the Pocket Transit
	Locating Points with a Pocket Transit
	True and Apparent Dip Calculations
	Three Point Problems
EXERCISE 1B: Apparent Dip and Three-Point Problems.
LABORATORY 2: Stereographic Projections I
	Stereographic Projections
	Elements of the Stereonet
	Plotting Planes and Lines on the Stereonet
	Solving Problems with the Stereonet
EXERCISE 2A: Stereographic Projections I
EXERCISE 2B: Stereographic Projections I
LABORATORY 3: Rotational Problems with the Stereonet.
	Plotting the Pole to a Plane
	Fold Geometry Elements
	Finding Paleocurrent Direction from Crossbed Data
	Rotational fault problems
EXERCISE 3A: Rotations with the Stereonet.
EXERCISE 3B: Rotations with the Stereonet.
	Types of Stereonets
	Constructing contoured stereonets
	Interpretation of Stereograms
	Analysis of Folding with Stereograms
	Problems Associated with Fold Analysis on the Stereonet
EXERCISE 4A: Contoured Stereograms and Interpretation of Folded Data.
EXERCISE 4B: Contoured Stereograms and Interpretation of Folded Data.
LABORATORY 5: Campus Geologic Mapping Project
	Mesoscopic Structure
	Megascopic Structure Symbols
	Pace and Compass Traverse
EXERCISE 5: Geologic Map and Structural Analysis General Instructions
	EXERCISE 5A Geologic Map and Stereonet Analysis
	EXERCISE 5B Geologic Map and Stereonet Analysis
LABORATORY 6: Geologic Map & Cross Section Field Project
EXERCISE 6A: High Fall Branch Geologic Map & Cross-Section
EXERCISE 6B: Tannehill Historical S.P. and Vicinity Geologic Map & Cross-section
LABORATORY 7: Thickness and Outcrop Width Problems
	Thickness of Strata
	Apparent thickness in a drillhole
EXERCISE 7A: Thickness and Outcrop Width Problems
EXERCISE 7B: Thickness and Outcrop Width Problems
LABORATORY 8: Outcrop Prediction
	Outcrop Prediction
	Special Cases
	General Solution for Outcrop Prediction
EXERCISE 8A: Outcrop Prediction
EXERCISE 8B: Outcrop Prediction
LABORATORY 9: Stereographic Statistical Techniques
	Least-squares Vector of Ramsay (1968)
	Least-squares Cylindrical Plane
	Least-squares Conical Surface of Ramsay (1968)
	Goodness of Fit Measures
EXERCISE 9A: Stereograms and Statistical Techniques
EXERCISE 9B: Stereograms and Statistical Techniques
LABORATORY 10: Stress Analysis
	Stress Field Ellipsoid
	Mohr Circle Diagram
	Constructing the Mohr Circle Graph
	Determining the Attitude of Stress Axes and Fracture Planes
	Mathematical Basis for Mohr Circle
EXERCISE 10: Mohr Circle and Stress Calculations
LABORATORY 11: Strain Analysis
	Strain Analysis
	Use of the Hyperbolic Net (De Paor's Method)
	Plotting the Attitude of the  Finite Strain Ellipse
	Solving for the Dimensions of the Finite Strain Ellipse
EXERCISE 11: Strain Analysis
LABORATORY 12: Fault Displacement Vectors
	Introduction to Fault Translation
	Apparent Translation (Separation)
	Net Slip
	Rotational Faults
EXERCISE 12: Fault Solutions
LABORATORY 13: Down-plunge Fold Projections
	Constructing the Down-Plunge Profile Plane
EXERCISE 13: Fold Projection
LABORATORY 14: Constructing Geologic Cross-sections from Geologic Maps.
Exercise 14A: Geologic Cross-Sections

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