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Let´s meet TomasLet´s meet Tomas

Let´s meet TomasLet´s meet Tomas

He He is is TTomomasas. . He He is is 11 11 yeyearars s olold d anandd

lives in Lima. He is in the sixth grade inlives in Lima. He is in the sixth grade in

eleelemenmentartary y schschoolool. . He He lovloves es plaplayinyingg

football, watching cartoons and playingfootball, watching cartoons and playing

Video games. He has a brother and aVideo games. He has a brother and a

sister, His brother is 17 years old andsister, His brother is 17 years old and

his sister is 7 years old.his sister is 7 years old.

When He grows p he wants to be aWhen He grows p he wants to be a

policeman and help catch criminal li!epoliceman and help catch criminal li!e


•• What"name.What"name.

•• How"old.How"old.

•• When"live.When"live.

•• How #many"mch$"brothers.How #many"mch$"brothers.

•• What"do"spare time.What"do"spare time.

•• What"profession.What"profession.

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The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story

 The boo! entitled% The &everending

story 'was written by (ichael )nde and

*rst pblished in +erman in 17.

-hapters /0.

 +enre cience 2iction, 2antasy,

 This boo! was translated into more

than 30 langages, and also

cinematographic adaptations were


• What"name.

• Who"athor.

• When"pblished.

• How


• What"+enre.

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The New Pet

The New pet

 The last wee!, 4 cold see that my

friend 5iana, had a new dog which it6s

very pretty and fnny and althogh

5iana6s parents, for moments they get

angry with the pet bt then, they were

sweet with his pet. The dog name is

'ear%, has two months old8 'ear%

has ble eyes and brown fr, my friend

said me 'ear% is now part of my


• What"name

• How"dog

• When" happened

• What"say"friend

• What"color"eyes

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New Store

New Store

9pen a new store in the city and have

at yor disposal the best :ality

clothing li!e

•  T;hirts, dresses, <ac!ets, shoes,

accessories and more.

• =rticles for men and women.

=ddress  -on:istadores 0> /do ?iso

an 4sidro.

?hone  01 - 441 0580

We Hope @oA.BBB

• What"!ind"store.

• When"tore.

• Have yo" ever" go"store.

• What"phone.
• =rticles"for.

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