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TitleThe bar book: elements of cocktail technique
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Table of Contents
Why I Make Cocktails, and Why I Wrote this Book
Any Good Cocktail Needs These Three Elements
I’Ve Organized the Book the Way I Build My Cocktails
Chapter No 1 Citrus Juice
	Choosing your Fruit
		Buying in Bulk
		How Much Juice Can you Expect?
	Choosing the Right Juicer
		Hand Presses
		Mechanical Presses
		Electric Presses
		Bartender’s Choice: Electric Juicer
	Juicing Technique
		Cutting Your Fruit for Juicing
		How to Juice Citrus Fruit with a Hand Press
		How to Juice in Volume
		How Long Will Citrus Juice Stay Fresh?
		Getting the Most from your Citrus
	Citrus Profiles
		Daiquiri No. 3
Chapter No 2 Other Juices
	Types of Juicers
		Food Mill
		Food Processor
		Juice Extractor
		Bartender’s Choice: Breville Juice Fountain Elite
	Improvisational Juice Extraction
		Strainer Method
		Macgyver Centrifuge Method
	Apple Juice
		Equipment for Making Apple Cider
		Picking Apples for Juicing
		Apple Blend
			Keeping the Juice Fresh
			Should you Worry About the Seeds?
		Flannel Shirt
	Pineapple Juice
		Picking Pineapples for Juicing
		Kingston Club
	Tomato Juice
		The San Marzano Hoax
	Pomegranate Juice
		Picking a Pomegranate
		How to Juice a Pomegranate
		Keeping the Fruit and Juice Fresh
	Ginger Juice
		Choosing Ginger for Juice
		How to Juice Ginger With a Juice Extractor
		Keeping Ginger and its Juice Fresh
	Fruit Purees
		How to Make a Fruit Puree
			How to Make a Stone Fruit Puree
		Storing Fruit Purees
Chapter No 3 Sodas & Mixers
	A History of Carbonation
		Carbonated Water as Health Tonic
		Mechanical Carbonation
		How Carbonation Works
		Tom Collins
	Soda Water
		Making your Own Soda
			How to Use a Soda Siphon
			Other Ways to Carbonate
	Tonic Water
		Making Tonic Water
		Quinine Syrup
		Gin and Tonic
		Ginger Beer
		Dark and Stormy
	Sparkling Wine
		French 75
Chapter No 4 Simple Syrups
	Selecting the Right Sugar
		White Sugar
		Brown Sugar
		Raw Sugar
		Muscovado Sugar
		Agave Syrup
		Maple Syrup
		Calorie Counts for Sugars
		A Sugar is a Sugar is a Sugar
	Measuring your Ingredients for Simple Syrup
		Why Crystal Structure Matters
		Dissolving the Sugar in the Water
			Hot Process
			Cold Process
		Storing the Syrup
	Sugar Syrups in Cocktails
		House Old-Fashioned
		Rum Old-Fashioned
		Oaxaca Old-Fashioned
		Maple Old-Fashioned
Chapter No 5 Compound Syrups
	Sweet Syrups with Added Flavor
		Sweet-And-Sour Syrups
	Flavorless but Familiar: Gum Syrup
		Gum What?
		Gum Syrup
	Herb Syrup
		How to Blanch Herbs for Syrups
		Mint Syrup
	Fruit Syrups
		Soft Fruit Syrups
		Syrup From Fibrous Ingredients
		Jack Rose
		Raspberry Syrup
		Clover Club
		Ginger Syrup
		Pineapple Syrup
		Hotel Nacional Special
		Oleo Saccharum
		Philadelphia Fish House Punch
		Japanese Cocktail
		Strawberry-Mint Shrub
Chapter No 6 Infusions, Tinctures & Bitters
		How Infusions Work
		The Complexities of Flavor and Infusions
			Choosing your Ingredients
				How to Infuse Liquor
			How to Strain Infused Liquor
			Storing Infused Liquors
		Tequila Por Mi Amante
			Infusing with Hot Chiles
			Infusions of Herbs, Spices, and Other Ingredients
				Infusing with Herbs
		Thyme-Infused Cointreau
			Speed Infusion Through Pressure
			To Infuse Using a Cream Whipper
			Infusing with Spices
		Chinese Five-Spiced Dark Rum
	Wood Infusions, A.K.A. Barrel Aging
		Aging Cocktails Do’s and Don’ts
		Choosing Alcohols for Tinctures
			How to Make a Tincture
		Cinnamon Tincture
		Autumn Leaves
		Alcohol That’s too Hard to Drink?
		Commercial Bitters
			Angostura Bitters
			Peychaud’s Bitters
			Orange Bitters
		House Orange Bitters
Chapter No 7 Dairy & Eggs
	Choosing the Best Dairy Products and Eggs
		Alexander Cocktail
			What Does the Sell-By Date Mean on a Carton of Cream?
			How to Store Cream
			How to Whip Cream
				Using a Cream Whipper
				Whipping Cream Manually
				The Mason Jar Method
		Irish Coffee
		Measuring Eggs
		Cracking Eggs
			Whole Egg Cocktails
		Cynar Flip
		Clyde Common Eggnog
			Egg-White Cocktails
			How to Separate an Egg
				The Shell Method
				The Hand Method
				The Tool Method
			How to Prepare and Store Egg Whites
			How to Shake An Egg-White Cocktail
				Sealing a Boston Shaker for a Dry Shake
		White Lady
Chapter No 8 Ice
	How Ice Behaves
	Why Ice Clarity Matters
		Obtaining Clear Ice
	Storing Ice
	Transporting Ice
	Handling Ice
	Types of Ice
		Block Ice
			How to Break Down Block Ice
		Large-Format Ice
		Cracked Ice
		Crushed Ice
		Mint Julep
			Ice for Punch
				Adding Ice to the Punch
				Chilling Punch Externally
			Making Spherical Ice
Chapter No 9 Measuring
	Why do we Measure?
		Old Terminology
	Modern Measures
		The Metric System
		How Much is a Dash?
	Measuring Tools
		How to Measure Liquor Properly Using Jiggers
		How to Pour from a Bottle
	Speed and Freedom
		Speed Pouring Versus Free Pouring: The Two Camps of Measuring
		Why Metric Makes More Sense
			Batching Drinks
				Liquid Measurements
Chapter No 10 Stirring & Shaking
	Chilling and Dilution
		Times and Measurements for Ideal Dilution
		The Spoon
		Bartender’s Choice: Bar Spoon
		Storing Bar Spoons During Service
		Mixing Glasses
		Bartender’s Choice: Mixing Glass
		Proper Stirring Technique
			How to Perform the Japanese Stir
			Straining a Stirred Drink
			How to Strain with a Julep Strainer
		Bartender’s Choice: Julep Strainer
		The Shaker
			The Cobbler Shaker
			The Boston Shaker
			The Parisian Shaker
		Learning to Shake
			How to Shake a Cocktail
			How Long to Shake
		Shaking Don’Ts and Do’s
			Opening the Shaker
			How to Seal and Open a Boston Shaker
			Straining Twice for Texture
		Fine-Mesh Strainer
Chapter No 11 Other Mixing Methods
	Building in the Glass
		How to Roll a Cocktail
		How to Swizzle
		Queen’s Park Swizzle
		How to Make a Blended Drink
		The Blender of Desire
		Piña Colada
		How to Muddle Herbs
			Muddlers for Fruit
				How to Muddle Fruit
	“Mixing” Absinthe
		To Serve Absinthe
	Flaming Drinks
		Fire to Burn Alcohol and Balance a Drink
		Blue Blazer
	Fire for Toasting
		Café Brûlot
	Fire as Caramelization Tool
		Spanish Coffee
Chapter No 12 Garnishing
	Dropped Garnishes
			Improving on Jarred Cherries
		Daniel Shoemaker’s Brandied Cherries
			Cherry Pitter
				Stuffed or Not
				Pitted or Not
				How Many Olives
				To Spear or Not to Spear
				Storing Olives
				How Do the Pimentos Get into the Olives?
		Todd Thrasher’s Pickled Onions
	Visual Garnishes
		Fresh Herbs and Flowers
			Choosing Herbs and Flowers for Garnish
			Keeping Herbs and Flowers Fresh
		Citrus Twist
			Tools for Cutting Citrus Twists
			How to Cut a Twist
		Horse’s Neck
			How to Make a Horse’s Neck
		Citrus Wheel
			Tools for Cutting Citrus Wheels
			How to Cut Citrus Wheels
		Pineapple Garnishes
			How to Cut Pineapple Triangles
			How to Cut Pineapple Spears
			Storing Pineapple Garnishes
	Utilitarian Garnishes
		Citrus Wedges
			How to Choose Citrus Fruit for Wedges
			How to Cut a Lengthwise Citrus Wedge
			How to Make a Cross-Cut Wedge
	Whipped Cream
	Rimmed Garnishes
		How to Rim a Lip
		How to Create a Band
	Aromatic Garnishes
		Citrus Peel
			Choosing Fruit for Making Peels
			Tools for Cutting Peels
			How to Cut a Citrus Peel
			How to Garnish with a Peel
		The Flamed Orange Peel
			Bitters Droplet Art
				How to Make Decorative Bitters Art
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