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                            Suldrun's Garden
	Elder Isles Map
	Kingdoms Map
	Detail Map
	1: “On a dreary winter’s day...”
	2: “Ehirme returned, and Dame Maugelin continued...”
	3: “Suldrun awoke to a cold gray room...”
	4: “One morning of the summer...”
	5: “On the day of Beltane, in the spring...”
	6: “Between Dascinet and Troicinet was Scola...”
	7: “Suldrun sat in the Orangery...”
	8: “King Granice of Troicinet was a man thin...”
	9: “The pre-dawn air was quiet and cool...”
	10: “During the reigns of Olam I...”
	11: “In the chapel at the top of the garden...”
	12: “King Casmir despatched an envoy to Tintzin Fyral...”
	13: “Shimrod, scion of Murgen the magician...”
	14: “Murgen resided at Swer Smod...”
	15: “In Irerly conditions were less easy...”
	16: “In a bell-shaped cell fourteen feet in diameter...”
	17: “At the bottom of the oubliette, Aillas...”
	18: “Within and about the Forest of Tantrevalles...”
	19: “In preparation for their journey the children...”
	20: “Early in the morning, with the sun low...”
	21: “Four uneventful days brought Aillas...”
	22: “At Castle Sank Taussig’s gang...”
	23: “The main hall at Castle Sank...”
	24: “Where Dahaut bordered on North Ulfland...”
	25: “Carfilhiot’s chambers, at the top of Tintzin Fyral...”
	26: “Glyneth and Dhrun joined Dr. Fidelius...”
	27: “The River Camber, approaching the sea...”
	28: “From Faroli back to Icnield Way rode the four men...”
	29: “Aillas and Shimrod, departing the palace Miraldra...”
	30: “King Casmir of Lyonesse, who never took comfort in half-measures...”
	31: “With the coming of daylight the Ulf army...”
	32: “Early in the spring of the year, envoys from King Casmir...”
	GLOSSARY I: The Fairies
	GLOSSARY III: Ireland and the Elder Isles
The Green Pearl
	Elder Isles Map
	Kingdoms Map
	Detail Map
	Chapter 1
		I: “Visbhume, apprentice to the recently dead Hippolito...”
		II: “South Ulfland faced on the sea from Ys in the south...”
		III: “Oäldes, twenty miles north of Mynault, had long served the South Ulfish kings...”
		IV: “The Skyre, a long bight of protected water, separated North Ulfland...”
		V: “Long Liam the Barber wended his way by lane and by road...”
	Chapter 2
		I: “Eight kings ruled the realms of the Elder Isles....”
		II: “Sir Tristano, after yielding his green pearl...”
		III: “Sir Tristano, returning to Domreis, went directly to Miraldra...”
	Chapter 3
		I: “Watershade had been built during a long-past time of troubles...”
		II: “After passing the night at Hag Harbor...”
		III: “The visitors made ready to return to Domreis....”
		IV: “At noon of the day after the banquet, Lord Maloof reported...”
		V: “Reports had reached Aillas as to rich deposits of bog-iron...”
		VI: “From the terrace of Miraldra’s north tower, Aillas and others watched...”
		VII: “From Miraldra’s main gallery a portal opened into the great hall....”
	Chapter 4
		I: “The Star Regulus eased away from the jetty...”
		II: “Queen Sollace had long been converted to Christianity...”
		III: “King Casmir’s first urgency was to repair the damage...”
	Chapter 5
		I: “Three days after the departure of King Casmir and his retinue...”
		II: “Propelled by fair winds and riding sunny blue seas...”
		III: “Aillas, returning to Ys, sought about the camp for Shimrod...”
	Chapter 6
		I: “During a period in the past, not long after Shimrod...”
		II: “A steady gray rain discouraged Shimrod from new ventures...”
		III: “The rains departed; dawn was clear and soft....”
		IV: “Shimrod prepared with care for the night’s adventure....”
		V: “The ancient road known as Old Street traversed Lyonesse...”
		VI: “The days glided by, easy and quiet, without untoward incident...”
		VII: “Tamurello seldom appeared in his natural semblance...”
	Chapter 7
		I: “King Aillas had moved the headquarters of his army...”
		II: “Tensions persisted along the upper moors....”
		III: “The barons of South Ulfland were convened...”
		IV: “The barons had departed, most to take lodging...”
	Chapter 8
		I: “Shalles, arriving in Lyonesse Town, went directly to Haidion...”
		II: “In due course Shalles returned to Haidion....”
		III: “Two days later King Casmir returned to the secret room....”
		IV: “Once each week King Casmir sat to deliver royal justice...”
		V: “Visbhume came once more to Haidion...”
	Chapter 9
		I: “Castle Clarrie stood in one of the most remote areas...”
		II: “No sooner had Aillas returned to Doun Darric...”
		III: “King Casmir, so it happened, was not altogether pleased...”
		IV: “The Sfer Arct, entering Lyonesse Town from the north...”
		V: “Arriving in Lyonesse Town, Visbhume went directly to Haidion...”
		VI: “Visbhume took lodging once again at the Four Mallows....”
		VII: “A strange sweet mood had come over Glyneth of late....”
	Chapter 10
		I: “For Aillas, the Ska occupation of Suarach posed...”
		II: “Afterglow still colored the west...”
		III: “In a somber mood Aillas led his troops...”
	Chapter 11
		I: “For an instant, after Aillas had raised Tatzel to her feet...”
		II: “The sun sank behind Aillas and Tatzel as they rode...”
		III: “Aillas arose an hour before dawn....”
	Chapter 12
		I: “Winds blew across the high moors, moaning and sighing...”
		II: “Aillas and Tatzel rode away from the cottage of Cwyd and Threlka...”
		III: “In the morning, while packing the wine-sack, Aillas found...”
		IV: “By the time Aillas completed his transactions along the lakeshore...”
		V: “The boat was a clinker-plank skiff fifteen feet long...”
	Chapter 13
		I: “While Aillas with his unsatisfactory slave Tatzel traversed the wilds...”
		II: “Xounges had been a fortified place since before the beginning of history....”
		III: “The Troice warship tied up to a dock in the Xounges harbor....”
		IV: “On the day before the coronation, Aillas went out...”
		V: “Rain continued into the afternoon, sweeping down upon Xounges...”
		VI: “Aillas spent three busy days in Xounges....”
		VII: “The warship Pannuc arrived at Domreis harbour...”
	Chapter 14
		I: “The season came around to the high solstice...”
		II: “Twitten’s Corners, in the Forest of Tantrevalles, was the site...”
		III: “When dusk fell over the meadow Melancthe returned to the inn...”
		IV: “Returning to Trilda, Shimrod went at once to the workroom....”
		V: “At sunset Aillas and Dhrun, on horses sweaty and spent...”
		VI: “In the morning Dhrun led the way to the woodcutter’s hut...”
	Chapter 15
		I: “On a bright summer’s morning Glyneth rose with the sun....”
		II: “The boat floated along the river, with the banks sliding by...”
	Chapter 16
		I: “The woodcutter’s hut stood desolate in the forest...”
		II: “The war was won. Ska troops departed Poëlitetz...”
		III: “The carpet-wole coursed off in a direction which Glyneth decided to call east...”
		IV: “The wole paced smartly eastward beside the Road of Round Stones...”
		V: “In his cell at the town Pude, Kul rubbed the ropes binding his arms...”
		VI: “Once again the wole ran eastward toward Asphrodiske...”
	Chapter 17
		I: “Two days before the final Goblins Fair of the season...”
		II: “Shimrod went to the counter, and Hockshank leaned forward...”
		III: “The gray crumble of the Asphrodiske skyline became lost...”
		IV: “Shimrod led Glyneth to the hut. She halted....”
	Elder Isles Map
	Kingdoms Map
	Detail Map
	Chapter 1
		1. “South of Cornwall, north of Iberia...”
		2. “The most remote province of Dahaut was the March...”
		3. “During the Danaan incursions, Avallon had been...”
		4. “The Kingdom of Lyonesse extended across South Hybras...”
	Chapter 2
		1. “Madouc’s assumptions were incorrect....”
		2. “Queen Sollace had been adversely affected...”
		3. “Madouc had no sure understanding...”
		4. “The royal family of Lyonesse often rode out from Haidion...”
		5. “One bright morning Madouc came briskly along...”
		6. “An under-maid informed Lady Desdea of Madouc’s return...”
	Chapter 3
		1. “Each summer King Casmir moved with household and court...”
		2. “In the morning, early, with the sun still red...”
		3. “The two rode up Sarris Way...”
		4. “Madouc returned through the forest...”
	Chapter 4
		1. “Lady Desdea, upon receiving word from the stable...”
		2. “The occasion of Prince Cassander’s eighteenth birthday...”
		3. “Tranquility had come to the Elder Isles....”
		4. “The celebration had run its course...”
	Chapter 5
		1. “Shimrod rode in company with Dhrun to Lyonesse Town...”
		2. “Shimrod was transported to a stony flat...”
		3. “The River Evander, where it met the Atlantic Ocean...”
		4. “In the morning Shimrod took his breakfast...”
		5. “Shimrod conveyed himself up over the mountains...”
	Chapter 6
		1. “At the end of summer, with the smell of autumn in the air...”
		2. “The months of the year went their way and winter became spring....”
		3. “Spring became summer, but this year there would be no removal...”
		4. “While Aillas expounded his implausible schemes...”
		5. “King Casmir stood by the window of his private parlor...”
		6. “King Casmir walked with a slow and ponderous tread...”
		7. “Evening came to Haidion Castle....”
	Chapter 7
		1. “On Lally Meadow, well within the Forest of Tantrevalles...”
		2. “Travec the Dacian rode a hammer-headed dun horse...”
		3. “An hour after daybreak Cory of Falonges and his dreadful company departed...”
		4. “During the late afternoon veils of rain drifted up Glen Dagach...”
		5. “At Lyonesse Town all was in flux...”
		6. “Madouc ran at a brisk half-trot...”
		7. “On the second day of the festival...”
		8. “The royal family of Blaloc took a last breakfast...”
	Chapter 8
		1. “An hour before dawn, with the castle silent...”
		2. “Madouc and Sir Pom-pom trudged glumly...”
		3. “Bidbottle Lane wound north across the countryside...”
		4. “Morning sunlight slanted through the forest...”
		5. “In the morning Madouc, Sir Pom-pom and Travante breakfasted...”
	Chapter 9
		1. “King Throbius grew weary and decided to sit....”
		2. “Madouc and Travante wrapped the golden vessel...”
		3. “The three travelers departed Castle Doldil...”
		4. “At Old Street Madouc and Sir Pom-pom turned west...”
		5. “Madouc went on laggard feet to her old chambers....”
		6. “The dressmakers brought out their fabrics...”
	Chapter 10
		1. “The sun rose into a dreary sky, with clouds driving in from the Lir...”
		2. “While King Casmir and Prince Cassander visited the stronghold Fort Mael...”
		3. “The night passed without alarm or incident....”
		4. “The dignitaries and their ladies who had assembled in the Hall of Heroes...”
	Chapter 11
		1. “Upon returning to Castle Haidion, King Casmir went into virtual seclusion....”
		2. “Shimrod sat in his garden, somnolent in the shade...”
		3. “Along the crest of the Teach tac Teach...”
		4. “There was heavy silence in the great hall at Swer Smod...”
	Chapter 12
		1. “Rumors of the cataclysm along the Ulfish coast reached Haidion...”
		2. “The armies of Lyonesse assembled in various quarters...”
		3. “At Falu Ffail King Casmir received daily dispatches...”
		4. “The Elder Isles were quiet, in the torpor of exhaustion...”
		5. “Aillas summoned the grandees of the Elder Isles...”
		6. “Castle Miraldra at Domreis could no longer serve Aillas...”
Document Text Contents
Page 860

If so he sits and so he thrives
Then he shall make his own
The Table Round, to Casmir’s woe,
And Evandig the Throne.

11NOTE: The honorific ‘Sir’ is here used to designate persons born to noble estate, without
reference to their place in the exactly gradated hierarchy. The contemporary language uses a
multiplicity of titles and honorifics to specify each subtle distinction; these would be impractical
to render in the present chronicle.

Hence ‘Sir Cory’ is designated by the same honorific as his father, the landed baron ‘Sir
Claunay’, and his brother, ‘Sir Camwyd’, even though their absolute ranks are greatly at variance.

12bodge: an outdoor lathe powered by a line running from a springy overhead tree-branch to a
treadle which turns the spindles of the lathe.

13sklemik: untranslatable. A fairy word signifying (1) passionate receptivity or involvement with
each instant of life; (2) a kind of euphoria induced by close attention to unpredictable changes in
the perceived surroundings as one instant metamorphoses into the next; a dedicated awareness to
NOW; a sensitivity to the various elements of NOW. The concept of sklemik is relatively simple
and quite bereft of mysticism or symbol.

14Lucanor’s duties were three: he plotted the shape of the constellations and, when needful,
altered the placement of the stars; he assigned to each thing of the world the secret name by which
its existence was confirmed or denied; he regulated the cycle by which the end of the future merged
into the beginning of the past. In Druidic depictions, Lucanor wore double-pointed shoes, with toes
extending both forward and back. An iron circlet displaying seven golden disks clasped his head.
Lucanor was a solitary god, who held himself aloof from the lesser gods of the Druidic pantheon,
among whom he inspired awe and fear.

A Druidic myth relates how Lucanor, coming upon the other gods as they sat at the banquet
table, found them drinking mead in grand style, to the effect that several were drunk, while others
remained inexplicably sober; could some be slyly swilling down more than their share? The
disparity led to bickering, and it seemed that a serious quarrel was brewing. Lucanor bade the
group to serenity, stating that the controversy no doubt could be settled without recourse either to
blows or to bitterness. Then and there Lucanor formulated the concept of numbers and
enumeration, which heretofore had not existed. The gods henceforth could tally with precision the
number of horns each had consumed and, by this novel method, assure general equity and, further,
explain why some were drunk and others not. “The answer, once the new method is mastered,
becomes simple!” explained Lucanor. “It is that the drunken gods have taken a greater number of
horns than the sober gods, and the mystery is resolved.” For this, the invention of mathematics,
Lucanor was given great honour.

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