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Once you’ve done that, put the book down and never read it again.

That way it will become not something that you do, but something that you are.

Good luck on your journey.


Most people walk through life in a trance. A walking daze.
That specific knowledge is whatUnderstand this and it will eventually become the
your base of your power as a guy with tremendous social skills.
But before we get to that, we have to start by waking you up from all the nonsense
you’ve been taught.
Have you ever stopped to think about where do your ideas about sex, dating, and
relationships actually come from?
What sorts of commonly-accepted ideas can we find floating around out there?
-Guys with money get girls. If you can’t get girls, go out and make a ton of money.
That way, when you talk to girls you can attract them by showing them how
much money you have…

-The best looking guys always get the best looking girls. Aside from money, looks
are the most important thing…

-You should continually strategize how about how to get the girl you want, so that
she can see how hard you’re trying. If you can just prove to a girl how much
you like her, she’ll like you back…

-A woman can be logically convinced to feel emotional attraction for a man. When
you first meet a girl, you should buy her drinks and flowers to convince her
to like you…

-If you like a girl, you need to really think through how you will act around her.
If you’re careful enough, then you’ll be less likely to make mistakes that could
upset her…

-When you think you’re in love, you should follow your heart and tell the girl how
badly you’re pining for her. Doing this will win her heart…

-Love is scarce and you should treat it that way. You have only one soul mate. You
will not find love twice…

-In the same way that attractive girls don’t get “rejected,” if you’re an attractive
guy then you should never be rejected either. If you don’t get the girl, it’s
because you’re just not an attractive guy…

-People are always on the look out to find guys that are trying to meet women, so
that they can laugh at them with their friends. To avoid crushing
embarrassment, it’s best to take your time and figure out if the girl is interested
or not before you approach…

-If a girl sleeps with you quickly after meeting you, then she must be a “slut.”
But if she waits to sleep with you and makes you “work for it,” then she must be
“hard to get” and has never been promiscuous in the past. In fact, girls that are
hard to get automatically make the best partners in a healthy relationship…

-Guys always seem to be chasing after sex. Guys enjoy sex more than girls do.

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