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Understand the Qur'an & Salah
The Easy Way

Translated into 15 different languages & taught in various countries of the world.
Through common recitations such as Surah Al-Fatihah, six Surahs, and parts of Salah,

you will learn 125 important words that occur in the Quran 40,000 times
(from a total of 78,OOO words in the Qur'an, i.e., 50% words of the Quran!)

~ Unde<stand AI-Qw'~n Academy
~ Hyderabad, INDIA
. . .

Master Table -1: Triliteral Verbs ( 'j",': .;~j J";~

These verb paUllmS are (lIt-
Itrernely impOrtant. On

patterns:, ahnost 12.000

The basic and important
funns are the first fuur
(~ ,'iJ~.j;O.>.e') and rest
are special castl$.oftllose

forms. For example, in the
words 1<,; .JI,i • .i.»j have
second, and third letters of
the roots as WeaK letters.
~ bas a ~ in the root
and ~ bas two letters that

'. am sante.

Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
Director, Understand AI-Qur'an Academy, Hyderabad

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~ I ~ ~

~ I ~ _ ;!....;...o

The words of the following table occur approximately 4,000 times in the Qur'an!

I nterrogative particles DCl11ollslrali, C pnll1l1llilS
\vho this Iii.

what, that which these
- ,
.~ ....


how, as I' J.;.$' , that

ho\\ IllUC h Ihose

II hich olle the one \\ho

INhere \'.;.i \Ihy ~I~W those \\ho

r Contact Numbers: 0091-402351 \3 1 0091 - 965 243 0971 \\
6'~ Re,ised Edition U

l ~~==========~~~~~~====~======~_A ~\

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10. SURAH AL-IKHLAAS (Surah No. 112)

After completing 10 lessons,
you willleam 61 new words, ~ich

occur 26842 limes in the Our'an.

Propagate I Ask
H ,magine ~ Feel ,--
Plan I Evaluate

latroduction: This is a small but very important Surah. When you recite this Surah in the Salah,
do not do so just because it is a small Surah but keep in mind its significance and importance also.

• It is equivalenuo one third of the Qur'an.
• It answers the most fundamental question, i.e. who should we worship and who can qualify

to be God.
• It was the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) to recite this Surah al<;>ng with the last two Surahs

of the Qur'an once after every obligatory (Ford) Salah and thrice after Fajr and Maghrib

«"';'-jJl ~jJl. I r~ «M"jJl "lb;..!JI:r-. ~ ;y'~

e ~ .- ,

ITJ~I llli jj

(who is) One (is) Allah I He . Say
One .... Ij

He is Allah .11 jO Occurs in the Qur'an 100's
One and only ~f of times

Translation: Say, He is Allah, (Who is) One.

~ Allah is alone. Let us take four important aspects of His Oneness with examples:
I. He is alone in Hi s entity. He has no partners or relatives, no son or father.
2. He is alone in His attributes. Nobody has knowledge of the unseen, no one can hear,

help, or see the way Allah does.
3. He is alone in His rights. For example, only He has the right to be worshipped.
4. He is alone in His powers. For example, He alone has the right to declare something

lawful or unlawful, permissible or impermissible. If we live in a non-Muslim
environment, we should explain this wisdom and love to others who do not know.

~ Du'aa/Ask: 0 Allah! Help me worship You alone.
~ Evaluate: How many times did I follow my desires? According to the Qur'an, following one's

own desire is to make it god [45:23]. How many times did I succumb to the whisperings of the
Shaitan? According to the Qur'an, following Shaitan is like worshipping him [23 :60]. Why
did I listen to him? Because of bad company, TV, internet?

» Plan to remove bad things out of my life so that I can worship Allah alone.
~ Propagate the word of Allah . This verse starts with "QuI." We must propagate the message of

Islam to others with wisdom and kindness, like the way Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did. Use
this Surah to spread the message of Taw heed and lkhlaas (sincerity).

( J ...

CIJ~I ~\
the Self-Sufficient. Allah,

~,: Everyone needs him, He needs no one.
This is Allah's name. The rest are all attributes like

Ar-Raheem and AI-Kareem.
Translation: Allah, the self-sufficient

wwwunderstalldOuran com 33

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~ Recite this verse keeping in mind the fact that everyone needs Him and He needs no one.
Realize that there are billions of creatures including human beings that are alive because of His
mercy, kindness, and continuous support.

~ We can also pray to Allah: 0 Allah! You alone have been fulfill ing my needs in past, so please
continue to fulfil them in the future also! o Allah! Make me dependent upon You a lone and
not upon anyone else.

H' '" , ,

'i ,. .-m .lJ " '~~ '}-:!
is He beqotten and nor He did neither beqet

~ : Begets (active voice) ~: Did no! ~ ~
.J~: Is begotten (passive voice) J : Will not Beget He did not

Translation: He did neither beget and nor is He begotten.

~ While reciting this ayah we should feel the responsibility of conveying th is message to over two
bi ll ion Christians who wrongly believe that Jesus (pbuh) is the son of Allah.

~ Why do we have children? Because when we are tired or feel lonely, they cheer us up. When
we grow old, they take care of us. When we die, they continue our plans and our ambitions.
A Ilah is free from all such weaknesses and needs.

} Try to go back thousands, millions, bi llions of years in time and thi nk!! And He was always
there. Do so for future, and He will always be there.

'- 0} ..- " J ~~j CD ~I 1)6

Anyone . comparable unto Him And (there) is not

~i : one (used for Allah only)

for Him, ch ~ j
.u:( : anyone (used negatively, like here) unto Him Is not and

Translation: And there is none comparable unto Him."

} Nobody is equal or comparable to Allah in His Entity, His attributes, His Rights, and His
Powers. Try to imagine the vastness of this universe. Billiions and billions of light years wide!
And no one is there except Allah, the only Creator.

} Du'aa: 0 Allah' Help me develop strong faith that You are enough for me in all matters of life.
} Evaluate: Do I remember this aspect when I am in presence of powerfu l people? Is there

anybody whom I am afraid of? Do I expect benefits from someone else?

Recite it with love: One of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) used to recite Surah AI-Ikh laas
followed by some other Surah in every raka ' h of Salah. When the Prophet (pbuh) asked him about
this, he said, " I love it very much." The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Your love for this Surah has made
you enter Jannah,"

How can we develop the love of this Surah? Here is a t ip. I f you are an ordinary person and you
have a very close relative or friend who is an outstanding sportsperson or leader, won't you happi ly
mention his name when you introduce yourself to new people? Let us extend this argument. All ah
is our Creator and our Sustainer. I-Ie created us and this whole wonderful world for us! His love
for us is 70 times more than that ofa mother' s love for her chi ldren! Then why shouldn't we love to
mention His name and praise him often? Say: My Allah is such that there is none in comparison to
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Page 70

following words occur approx. 28000 times in Al-Qur' an. Do you kn.owii'
their meanings?


Page 71

ow..: + rl

Old not

~ +y jjjj

Should do ,
ow..: + til

Not done yet ,
ow..: + til
Not done yet ,



Jp --Passive Voice

He did



Negative ~ Imperative.,.!

fg ,

Don't do!

,;JI JA!~ Singuhu-- -

Don1 (you two) do! ~~
.. .ili ~ Do (you

~\ Dual two !

,. 7/",

Don't (you all) dOl J.ili 'i ~~ Do (you alQ! .;ill\ l"w~ Plural

, ; ;
It IS being done " ' 1.A.oi.i (It) IS done ,'W ~

:L...:.:. ..... .. ...;...La.! w ,. r-

subject is
singular or


~~+ .u
Has already



Did not do ..

.rei + jl
If he does ..

.. :llIl~U)

.r" + tii
hen he did

Rs,30_ .!!.:l00:!====

Jp --Passive Voice

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