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vs. Elves

James D. Hargrove
Game system based on vs. Monsters by Philip Reed.

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Writing & Design
James D. Hargrove

Editing & Layout
James D. Hargrove

vs. Elves is Trademark and Copyright © 2006 by James D. Hargrove. vsM

Engine and the vsM Engine logo are trademarks of Philip Reed and are

used with permission. Visit for more information about

the designer.

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Creating Player Characters
For the most part, characters in games

of vs. Elves are created in the same manner

that player characters are created in the core

vsM Engine rules. What few differences do exist

are discussed below.

New Good Stuff
The following new Good Stuff options

are provided to help you custom-tailor the vsM

Engine to the world of vs. Elves:

• Dark Elf: You are one of the long hidden

elven revolutionaries (see Game Mastering)

thought to have been wiped out during the

War of Unity. Although you lack the psychic

connection of Empire elves, you have the

ability to see in the dark (no light source

needed) and get to pull an extra card when

attempting to actively deceive someone.

• Sorcerer: You possess the ability to bend

arcane energies to your will (see Weaving

Magic for more details).

New Bad Stuff
The following new Bad Stuff option has

also been provided to help you custom tailor

the vsM Engine to the world of vs. Elves.

• Dependent: You are dependent upon a

certain mood altering substance to function

normally. For every day that you go without

this substance, you suffer a -2 penalty to all

attribute ratings. And, yes, penalties levied

in such a manner are cumulative.

• Dwarf: You are afflicted with a rare genetic

disorder that causes you constant pain, has

stunted your growth, and limits your ability

to move gracefully (draw one less card when

resolving actions dependent upon agility).

New Equipment
All of the equipment present in the vsM

Engine SRD, with the exception of motorized

vehicles, Bibles, and other equipment culled

from modern Earth (e.g., flashlights and cell

phones), is appropriate for inclusion in a vs.

Elves game. The following new equipment is

presented to help the GM evoke the unique

feel of the vs. Elves setting.

Weapons & Ammo

Weapon Name Value

Ga tling Gun* Queen

Gatling Bulle ts (50) Five

*This is a tripod mounted, hand-cranked, unwieldy bit o f artillery

best suited for stationary firing (althou gh it could be mounted in the

back o f a wagon for ea sy portability ).

Drugs & Paraphernalia

Substance Name Value

Opium (six grams) Four

Opium Pipe (cheap) Two

Opium Pipe (ornate) Three

Ale (one p int) Two

Whiskey (one liter) Two

Wine (one liter) Three

Wine (one cask) Four

Garter Flask Two

Miscellaneous Goods

Item Name Value

Newspape r* Zero

Lockpick Set Three

Pocket Wa tch Six

Silver Holy Symbol Four

*In these dark times, newspapers are pu bl ished ir regu larly at best,

and their informa tion is usually e rroneous (bu t always entertaining).

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Weaving Magic
Casting magic spells in games of vs.

Elves is a simple affair, for the most part. The

following is a short list of spells common to the

vs. Elves setting. A player character with the

‘Sorcerer’ Good Stuff can cast any of these

spells at will, provided that they pay the cost in

Health points listed in parentheses.

• Ball Lightening (2): The sorcerer can

conjure a small ball of electrical energy at

his fingertips and hurl it at an opponent. This

spell inflicts damage as a Hunting Rifle if it

strikes its target successfully.

• Bolt (1): The caster can conjure small bolt

of magical energy from his fingertips and

throw it at an opponent in combat. This bolt

inflicts damage as a Bow if it successfully

strikes its intended target.

• Darkness (1): The casting character can

create an area of magical darkness within

their line of sight that measures up to five

meters in diameter. Such darkness lasts for

five minutes before it dissipates and, until it

does so, it trumps all artificial light sources.

• Heal (2): This spell restores three Health

points to a target, up to their initial Health

rating (i.e., this spell can’t boost the target’s

Health rating higher than its initial score).

• Heal All (4): This spell restores all of a

target’s lost Health points, up to its initial

rating (i.e., the spell can’t boost the target’s

Health rating higher than its initial score).

• Invisibility (4): The target of this spell (but

not its possessions, footprints, and so on) is

rendered invisible for five minutes. This spell

can also be used to effect inanimate objects.

• Levitate (2): A sorcerer causes the target

of this spell to levitate in the air. Such a

target may be moved up or down at the

caster’s discretion, although no horizontal

movement is possible via levitation.

• Light (1): This spell causes a small beam

of light to emanate from a fixed point (e.g.,

the end of a staff). This light has a range of

five meters, shines with the intensity of a

flashlight and lasts for a total of 15 minutes

(although the caster can snuff it out at will).

• Petrify (8): Casting this spell upon a target

turns said target into a statue. The target

loses one point of Health per turn, as their

flesh slowly turns to stone. When their Health

rating is reduced to zero, they are petrified.

The effects of this spell linger until its caster

has died or willfully revoked them.

• Raise Dead (8): This spell does not return

a dead individual to life – it animates their

body and places it under the control of the

casting sorcerer. This is the manner in which

many so-called ‘undead’ are created.

• Repel Undead (6): All mindless (e.g.,

skeletons, zombies, etc) undead creatures

will ignore the target of this spell (in combat

or otherwise) for ten minutes.

• Sleep (2): The target of this spell falls into

a deep sleep for a total of fifteen minutes,

but will immediately awaken if attacked.

• Teleport (6): A caster who weaves this

spell blinks out of existence and reappears

at a location of his choosing, with the caveat

that he must have previously visited said

location. Note that a sorcerer may transport

other people with him by making physical

contact with them while casting the spell.

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The only real difference is that dark elves have

no connection to the hive mind and, thus, are

not tainted by the Autumn Queen’s particular

brand of madness.

Special Ability: Can see normally in the

complete absence of light.

Offense: 4 (Damage cap five)

Defense: 2 Mental: 5

Physical: 3 Health: 4

The Waerloga (i.e., Oath Breakers) are

the dark elves who compose the final remnants

of the Grand Council, the originators of both

the elven hive mind and the device meant to

shatter it. These men and women have been

hiding for millennia, concealing their presence

from the world, waiting for an opportunity to

set right what went wrong so long ago.

Special Ability: Can weave spells, per the

rules presented earlier in this document. As

such, they have a high health rating to facilitate

this special ability.

Offense: 2 (Damage cap 4)

Defense: 4 Mental: 5

Physical: 3 Health: 10

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CONTENT: With the exception of product

identity, vs. Elve s is comple tely open game

content (see license , below).


IDENTITY: The terms “vs. Elves”,

“Verdan”, “Balphor” and all artwork , with

the exce ption o f the vsM Engine logo, is

hereby declared product identity. The vsM

Engine logo and vs . Monste rs a re

trademarks of P hilip Reed . Ronin A rts and

the Ronin Arts logo are trademarks of

Philip Reed and Christopher Shy. You may

not use designated product identity without

permission (see vsM EngineTM .rtf for more



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(b)"Derivative Material" means copyrighted

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co rrection, addition, extension, upgrade,

improvement, compila tion, ab ridgment or

other form in which an existing work may

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"Distribute" means to reproduce, license,

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transmit or otherwise distribute; (d)"Open

Ga me Content" means the game me chanic

and includes the methods, procedures,

processes and routines to the extent such

content does no t embody the Product

Identity and is an e nhan c e ment o ve r the

prior a rt and any additiona l content clea rly

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Contribu tor, and means any work covered

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representations; names and descriptions of

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2. The License: This License a pplie s to any

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6.Notice of Lic ens e C opyright: You must

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holde r's name to the COPY RIGHT

NOTICE of a ny original Open Ga me

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7. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to

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10 Copy of this License: You MUST

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11. Use of Contributor Credits: You may

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12 Inability to Comply: If it is impossib le

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the Op en G ame Content du e to statute,

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then You may not Use any Ope n Game

Material so affected.

13 Terminatio n: This License will te rminate

automa tica lly if Yo u fail to comply with all

terms herein and fail to cure such breach

within 30 days of b ec oming aware of the

bre ac h. All s ublic ense s shall su rviv e the

termination of this License.

14 Refo rmation: If any p rovis ion of this

License is held to be unenforceable, such

provision sha ll be re formed only to the

extent necessary to make it enforceable.


Open Game License v 1 .0 Copyright 2000,

Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

vsM Engine, Copyright 2005 Phi lip Reed,

pub lish e d by Ronin Arts; vsM Engine by

Butch Curry, based on vs. Monsters by

Philip Reed with input from Michael

Hammes, James Losub, Stephen Da vid

Wark, and others.

vs. Elve s, Copyr ight 2006 by James D.

Hargrove; author James D. Hargrove.

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