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Ranged Weapons

The following weapons' rules can be found in
the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Heavy Bolter

Heavy Flamer
Missile Launcher
Plasma Gun
Plasma Pistol

Acid Spit: The bite of a Bloodletter is acidic, and
so is its spittle! It can be used to horrifying effect
against the proper targets.
Acid Spit always hits on a 4+

R Strength AP Type

8” 3 4 Assault 1,

R Strength AP Type

24” 4 5 Rapid Fire,

Bronze Blaster: A massive weapon concocted in
the forges of Khorne, it is primarily an anti-tank
weapon but can certainly be used to murder

R Strength AP Type

32” 8 3 Heavy 2

Khornate Cannons: Another insidious weapon
design, Khornate Cannons are functionally giant
plasma cannons, and just as dangerous!

R Strength AP Type

40” 8 2 Heavy 1,
Large Blast

Bloodseeker: Reduce this weapon's AP by 1 on the to-
wound roll of 6.

Power Scourge: These are mighty flails with the
ability to rend metal off of even some of the most
heavily armored targets.

R Strength AP Type

- 8 2 Melee, Flail

Flail: If one or more enemy models are in base contact with
this model at the start of the Fight sub-phase, roll a D3.
Reduce the Weapon Skill of all enemy models in base
contact by the resulting number, to a minimum of 1.

Special Issue Wargear
Rules for the following grenades can be found
in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:
Frag Grenades Krak Grenades
(See assault grenades) Melta Bombs
Chaos Bikes:
Models with a Chaos Bike change their unit type
to Bike, as described in the Warhammer 40,000
rulebook. Chaos Bikes have a single twin-Linked

Jump Pack:
Models with a Chaos Bike change their unit type
to Jump, as described in the Warhammer 40,000

Personal Icon:
Personal icons are used for summoning Bloodthirsters.
When a Bloodthirster becomes available via reserves,
remove a Personal Icon bearer from the game and place
the Bloodthirster within 3” of where the Personal Icon
bearer once was but at least 1” away from enemy
models. If the Bloodthirster cannot be placed, it is put
back into ongoing reserves. If the icon bearer is slain
(except if killed in a sweeping advance) before the
Daemon becomes available, place the Bloodthirster
within 2” where the bearer once stood, but from now
on the Bloodthirster takes all Instability tests on 3d6
instead of 2d6.

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