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Snehal Masne

Web Services and Service

Oriented Architecture

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Today’s Web
 Web designed for application to human interactions

 Served very well its purpose:

 Information sharing: a distributed content library

 Enabled B2C e-commerce

 Non-automated B2B interactions

 How did it happen?

 Built on very few standards

 Shallow interaction model: very few assumptions made
about computing platforms

 Result was ubiquity

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(2) Building a client
 Start by creating a client…

 WinForm, WebForm, console-based, anything you

 for fun, let's use VB…

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Benefits (cont.)
 Loosely coupled system architecture allows easy

integration by composition of applications,
processes, or more complex services from other
less complex services

 Provides authentication and authorization of
Service consumers, and all security functionality
via Services interfaces rather than tightly-coupled

 Allows service consumers (ex. Web Services) to
find and connect to available Services dynamically

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